Fire Magic Portable Grills

Gas Grill Models | Charcoal Grill Models

Fire Magic offers 8 professional grade freestanding gas barbecue grill models in sizes from
16x24 to 48x22 and 4 freestanding charcoal barbecue grills from 18x24 and 18x30.

WARNING: You can NOT directly compare grills specs to another manufacturer.
Fire Magic lists their specifications (sizes and btus) differently than other grill manufacturers.

Square inches listed by Fire Magic are the actual primary cooking surface, not overall grill sizes, and do not include warming racks. So a 36" Fire Magic will really compare to others 42" Grills.

BTU's listed below are for the primary cooking surface and do not include backburner or side burners

Gas Barbecue Grills

Echelon Diamond 1060s
48x22 - 1056 Sq Inches - 115,000 Btu's
Echelon Diamond 790s
36x22 -792 Sq Inches - 99,000 Btu's
Echelon Diamond 660s
30x22 - 660 Sq Inches - 78,000 Btu's
Aurora 660s
30x22 - 660 Sq Inches - 75,000 Btu's
Aurora 540s
30x18 - 540 Sq Inches - 60,000 BTU's
Aurora 530s
24x22 - 528 Sq Inches - 60,000 Btu's
Aurora 430
24x18 - 432 Sq Inches - 50,000 BTU's
16x23 - 368 Sq Inches - 42,000 Btu's

Charcoal Barbecue Grills

Charcoal Models are available with either the traditional roll top hood or the smoker hood.

The smoker hood is designed specifically for smoking meat (large air shutters on both sides), it allows you to better control the air flow for slow cooking.

Custom I
18x24 - 432 Sq Inches
Regal I
18x30 - 540 Sq Inches
Custom I Smoker
18x24 - 432 Sq Inches
Regal I Smoker
18x30 - 540 Sq Inches