Fire Magic Regal Charcoal

Fire Magic has taken the charcoal grill and kicked it up several notches..

All Stainless Steel, adjustable height charcoal pans allow you to control the heat, while front loading door permits easy re-fueling.

The unique Air-Flow charcoal pan produces hotter coals and more reliable heat.

Use either the convection roll-top hood or the smoker hood.

The smoker hood is designed for the serious meat smoker, it allows the ultimate control of the flame utilizing massive air shutters of each side and temperature gauge so you can get the grill temperature very low - for the ultimate in slow smoking.

This model is used regularly on NBC's Today Show (top removed for the camara).

Quick Facts:

540 Square Inches on the primary cooking surface (18" x 30")

Regal Charcoal Models:
Regal Charcoal Cart
Regal Charcoal Built-In

Regal Charcoal Cart
Convection Model# 24-S101C-A
Smoker Model # 24-SC01C-A (Shown)

Regal Charcoal Built-In
Convection Model# 14-S101C-A
Smoker Model # 14-SC01C-A (Shown)