Fire Magic Deluxe

Fire Magic Deluxe has all that make Fire Magic legendary, but in a smaller format.

368 square inches of cooking space (16x23).

Two cast stainless steel burners power Two independently controlled cooking zones powered by 42,000 btu's.

Each cook zone has it's own control knob and electronic ignition.

Quick Facts:

368 Square Inches on the primary cooking surface (16" x 23")

42,000 Btu's

Deluxe Models:
Deluxe Cart - Single side burner
Deluxe Built-In Head
Deluxe Countertop Drop-In

Deluxe Single Side Burner
Model # 21-S1S1-26

Deluxe Built-In
Model # 11-S1S1N-A

Deluxe Countertop Drop-In
Model # 3C-S1S1N-A